Who We Are

We are a young company, but with more than 15 years of experience in trade both online and face to face, dedicated to the distribution of products for the manufacture of fishing lures, both locales as eyesores online, and large producers lures.

Our team is made up of fishermen and craftsmen, self aware that fishing lures adds value to the fishing activity. Not only is the capture, Now your customers will enjoy the satisfaction of obtaining homemade lures, made through their own experience and creativity.

Megalure.eu, with warehouse in Spain, specializes in the manufacture of dyes and additives for liquid vinyl. And offers distribution points greater range of colorings and additives market, ranging from basic colors to pearlescent, iridescent, Fluorescent and novelty, a nice combination of luminescent dyes, to increase efficiency in low light or deep.

We offer a significant business opportunity based on a high margin business to those they see as traditional shops fashion vinyl craft has come to Europe to keep the market segment it enjoys in other countries for some time.

Also offers distribution points a series of manuals and user guides to manufacturing techniques pose no impediment to their customers, and even a nip with a skilled craftsman to resolve any questions that may arise when it comes to getting down to work.