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Vinilos 2

Liquid MEGALURE.EU vinyl has been specially formulated for the manufacture of fishing lures. It is a thermoplastic, for craft use, applying temperature which passes from a liquid state to a plastic state when cooled and retains the shape of the mold which has been poured. This thermoplastic can modify their stiffness by adding plasticizers and hardeners MEGALURE.EU action so as to achieve the desired hardness and. All liquid vinyl MEGALURE.EU have incorporated the necessary temperature stabilizer.

It is distributed with three degrees of stiffness: super soft, soft and hard. Offered in 3 formats: 1/2 liter, 1 liter 5 liters.


MEGALURE.EU offers the widest range of colors for lures vinyl market. Specially formulated for manufacturing Liquid Vinyl MEGALURE.EU señueos with you the offer in two formats: 25 and 200 ml.


The level of detail needed to add efficiency to provide what lures vinyl additives

  • Hardener:

When we need to modify at will lure stiffness we can add an amount of up to 10% hardener. It is also advisable to add a small amount of stabilizer to changing proportions Product. It is distributed in cans 500 grams.

  • Softener:

When we need elefecto contrary to the hardener, MEGALURE.EU softener provides the lure less stiffness and therefore more action. It can be mixed with the liquid vinyl porporciones up to 10% and available in quantities of one pint, liter-five L.

  • Glitter térmico:

We have the widest range of thermal glitter Marketplace, Basic color, Glitters, fluorescent and holographic formats 10 and 100 grams.

  • Temperature stabilizer:

All our vinyls have incorporated the required amount of temperature stabilizer, but in those cases in which the proportions of liquid components are modified vinyl, ie, when adding hardener, a small contribution is required one 2% the temperature stabilizer, to achieve the necessary flow of liquid vinyl without it burn when heated. We distribute in cans 35 ml.

SILICONE MOULD TOOLSSiliconas para moldes y accesorios

MEGALURE.EU distributes two types of silicone molds:

  • RTV silicone for mold making.

This is a fast curing silicone by its catalyst (included in the kit). Should vigorously mixing the silicone with the catalyst at a rate of 3% Weight.

  • Silicone metals BPF.

Is a silicone for the production of molds for casting of metals of low melting. It catalyzes the 5% weight and can open molds and closed fabicar. Especially suitable for jig heads and other elements of lead, Eng, pewter alloy.

MEGALURE.EU also provides the tools necessary for the domestic manufacture of vinyl lures.

  • Pitchers Borosilicate.

This material can be introduced into the microwave liquid vinyl to pass to its plastic state, without breaking, as many times as necessary. Other materials can not stand the high temperatures the material acquires, not compatible with use in microwave or in transparent, prerequisites for this application. You are suminstras in volumes 250 ml. and 500 ml.

  • Wood depressants.

These poplar wood pallets are used for mixing with both vinyl dyes or additives such as silicones with catalyst. The bags offer 20 of 100 units.